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Natural, innovative 'wisdom of the body' transformation awaits at this Coquitlam medspa – The Tri-City News

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There is no such thing as a typical client at Ageless Radiance MedSpa.

“My youngest client is 22-years-old and my oldest is 84,” says Dr. David Owers, Medical Director of Ageless Radiance MedSpa, who has been providing cutting edge non-surgical aesthetic treatments in Coquitlam since 2007.

No matter who walks through the door, Owers and his team are dedicated to getting natural-looking results that rejuvenate the face, providing a fresh look.

“I have a unique approach,” says Owers, who credits the longevity of Ageless Radiance MedSpa to consistent, results-focused service. “People are multidimensional,” he says, “my approach is focused on lifting, softening, while respecting balance, and proportions. It is a process that often leaves you speechless at the discovery that you were always there, just re-discovered.”

Owers, who divides his time between the MedSpa and a nearby hospital, is passionate about sourcing the newest, most effective treatments from around the world.

“I travel to educate myself and come into contact with industry pioneers and innovators,” he says, citing recent trips to Europe and the U.S. “The non-surgical industry is poised for a transformation,” he continues, pointing out various cutting-edge treatments involving platelet-rich plasma (PRP) that promise to help with everything from hair restoration to skin rejuvenation and beyond.

This transformation is where he has been focusing his attention for the last 18 months, all in an effort to gain knowledge and stay at the vanguard of a rapidly changing branch of medicine.   The new title of Translational Medicine encompasses the realm of non-surgical aesthetics. Owers has dubbed these types of treatment “wisdom of the body” because they take cues from the body’s natural ability to rejuvenate and heal.

However, for all their focus on the next great innovation in the world of non-surgical aesthetics, Owers and his team are equally dedicated to providing the highest standard of tried-and-true services such as facial injectables, cosmetic lasers and HydraFacials.

“I am proud to be the first to bring the HydraFacial to the mainland,” says Owers.

In fact, Naomi Nowzarifard, Clinical Aesthetician at Ageless Radiance MedSpa, was the first B.C. aesthetician to receive full training with HydraFacial MD. Other services on offer at Ageless Radiance MedSpa include laser hair removal, device-based micro-needling, light-based treatment for sun damage and their new groundbreaking Viveve system for women’s health.

Owers and his team are capable of treating a host of concerns for people at all stages of their lives. It’s all about presenting the best version of yourself.

“There are a lot of providers in this industry – of varying levels of training and experience,” says Owers, who is keen to debunk the myth that non-surgical aesthetic treatments produce a tell-tale “done” look or only cater to women age 35 to 55.

“We are dealing with people’s lives and how they choose to present themselves to the world,” he says, noting that no matter the career, gender or age of a client, everyone is looking for a natural transformation.

The sense of well-being and confidence that comes from looking your best is incomparable—it’s the feeling that drives us to dress up for a big event, eat the right things, or work hard to stay fit. Choosing the right services to help you look your best, and the right person to deliver them, is key.

Although non-surgical aesthetic treatments are less invasive than surgery, Owers points out that they are still medical procedures and should only be performed by highly trained practitioners.

“You need experience to do it right,” he says, and experience is something you will find in abundance at Ageless Radiance MedSpa. Owers has been a steadfast presence there for 13 years and, in that time, has worked tirelessly to source the newest, most effective treatments for his clientele.

Highly experienced, honest and passionate about helping everyone look and feel their utmost, Owers and his team at Ageless Radiance MedSpa are proud to offer the best in non-surgical aesthetic treatments and procedures.

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