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Oprah offers 5 inspirational health tips – The Daily World

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By Cindy Krischer Goodman

Sun Sentinel

Planning to get healthier in 2020?

Oprah Winfrey says her goal is to motivate others to make 2020 their year of inspiration, triumph and well-being.

Noting that wellness is a $4 trillion global industry, she says anyone can access it if they figure out what “healthy” means to them.

Winfrey shares these five tips:

• Only you are in control of your well-being. Check in on yourself throughout the day and take breaks as needed. “You can find a minute of quiet for yourself wherever you are. You are worthy of quiet time.”

• Be present with whoever you are with at any given moment, but particularly the people you care about. “Presence is the most valuable gift you can give. Everyone you know is looking for your presence. When someone is upset, what they want to know is: Are you present and hearing me?”

• Embrace the flow that helps you keep your life in balance. To be positioned to do so, get enough sleep and don’t let setbacks deter you, but rather let them teach you. “Welcome the shifting flow in your life and leave everyone else’s flow alone.”

• Deprivation isn’t healthy and doesn’t work in the long term — particularly when it comes to dieting. “Healthy for me is the new skinny,” Winfrey says. “It’s more about eating anything you want, just not all at once.”

• Stop stressing and accept situations for what they are. “If the bridge is up and you don’t have control over it, enjoy the view.”

Winfrey says now is the time to gain a clearer vision and recognize what is holding you back from living a healthier life, set your intention, write it down, and go after it. “Know the purpose you are here to fulfill on this planet. That’s the real work for you in 2020.”

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