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Best and worst diets in 2020; staying on track with your health – Kotatv

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) – Millions of Americans make health-related resolutions for the New Year, but finding what diet plan works for you can be a task. To help, U.S. News worked with physicians and dieticians who compared 35 diet plans and found the ones that actually work.

For the third consecutive year, the mediterranean diet ranked first for the best overall diet.

“That diet is focused on plants with some meat you know for protein. What we really see is we’re getting rid of the packaged and processed foods,” said Registered Dietician, Marni Whalen.

According the U.S. News, Weight Watchers was voted the best diet for weight-loss by health professionals. But Whalen says if you aren’t ready to take on a whole diet plan, utilizing the ‘plate method’ for meals is a good start.

‘Vegetables, non-starchy vegetables such as broccoli. Then we have about three to four ounces of meat and a serving of potatoes. That would be an appropriate plate method meal,” said Whalen.

With the KETO diet being one of the worst diets on the 2020 list, Whalen says most of the time, people will do restrictive diets like KETO for a short period of time, then go back to old habits.

“Some of the worst diets out there are the ones that are really restrictive and I always find those to be red flags. When you have a list of ‘you can have these but you can’t have this,'” says Whalen.

Whalen says a good rule of thumb for healthy eating is to start the day with a good, protein-rich breakfast.

For the full list of the best and worst diets in 2020 ranked by U.S. News, click here.

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