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My Best Me Health Tip – Are Diet Drinks Good For You? – WDEF News 12

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Diet drinks are popular but they have side effects and don’t work like many expect them too. There are a couple of things wrong with soda in general. One, we know that carbonated water for women can minimize calcium absorption, leading to long term osteoporosis with their bone density.

More importantly, the saccharin itself. Those sweeteners they put in there to replace the sugar are causing you to be hungrier. Diet drinks will put the weight on you, that will put the weight off of you again. You’re being addicted to that taste, to the energy, the caffeine that it gives you. Minimize your diet drinks consumption and your regular soda consumption.

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Also, saccharin, those sweeteners, have other side effects like migraines, inflammation of the joints, all kind of side effects. So, diet drinks don’t work. They don’t take the weight off. If they do take the weight off, they make you hungrier.

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