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Best Heart Health Tips For Women – Medical Daily

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Cardiovascular diseases are the leading number one cause of death among white and African-American women in the United States. As of 2017, 299,578 people died of heart diseases.

Heart problem refers to coronary artery disease, arrhythmia, heart failure and heart attacks. Symptoms are chest pain, pain in the upper abdomen, back, neck, jaw and throat. Additional symptoms for women include nausea, fatigue and vomiting.  

Preventing heart disease is best done by managing the potential risks that make women prone to heart conditions since about 1 in 5 deaths of women are related to heart health. Here are some of the five most important risks that  women manage, according to Dr. Philip Krause, a cardiologist at Northshore University Health System:

Tobacco Usage

Quitting effectively in such a way that there are no relapses is important.  Going cold turkey is not the solution. The most successful method is to slowly taper off the habit over time. Addicts should restrict themselves to one cigarette per day and then progress to one cigarette per week. 

Family History

Generally, a person is considered to have a family history of heart disease when a first-degree female relative has a heart attack by the age of 65. 

“There is a saying that genes load the gun, but the environment pulls the trigger. We are all predisposed to different illnesses. These genes can lay dormant or be activated by the environment, which includes lifestyle, stress and even infections. Lifestyle can have a dramatic effect on what we used to think was our genetic destiny,” Dr. Shaista Malik, director of the Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute, said.


Controlling diabetes is important because as the disease progresses, diabetes can damage blood vessels and nerves that are part of the cardiovascular system. The longer a person suffers from diabetes, their chances of suffering from heart disease increases simultaneously. 


By eating food rich in cholesterol and leading a sedentary lifestyle, bad cholesterol or LDL cholesterol builds in the blood vessels as plaque, narrowing the arteries and blocking the flow of blood within arteries, leading to heart attacks. 

High Blood Pressure

When there is too much pressure exerted on the blood flowing through your arteries, with equal pressure on the blood vessels, it leads to high blood pressure, an enormous risk factor for cardiovascular conditions. Making changes in your lifestyle, meditating or taking medication can reduce risks. 

Those who struggle with heart conditions may benefit from an air purifier. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

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