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9 Instant Pot accessories for healthy eating – CNET

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Making bread in an Instant Pot is easy.


The Instant Pot is one of our must-have kitchen devices and with the right Instant Pot accessories the miracle machine can be a great tool for health and wellness, too. As it’s a combination pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, rice cooker, warmer and more, you can make thousands of satiating meals in your programmable Instant Pot (plus using fewer dirty dishes). From flavorful meat stews and fall-off-the-bone short ribs to summer shrimp boils and nutrient-packed soups, most healthy Instant Pot recipes are done in minutes and require minimal prep.

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One reason an Instant Pot is perfect for preparing dishes for healthy eating is how fast it cooks tender meats, perfect beans, creamy Greek yogurt, eggs and other proteins, integral to a balanced diet. With the help of a few smart, healthy Instant Pot accessories like cups for cooking eggs, steamed vegetable baskets and a few cookbooks with healthy Instant Pot recipes in mind, you can stay committed to your Whole30 or keto plan or maintain a more balanced diet with loads of protein and nutrient-packed vegetables.

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Below are nine of the best Instant Pot accessories to have around for eating healthy all week (and year) long.

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This Instant Pot steamer basket will make cooking veggies or boiling eggs even easier, and any dietician will tell you steaming adds the least amount of fat to foods while best maintaining their nutritional integrity. This steamer basket Instant Pot accessory is available in three different sizes (3-quart, 6-quart and 8-quart) so there’s a size that will fit perfectly for any Instant Pot model. The stainless steel steamer basket also comes with a silicone handle, to keep it from getting too hot and burning your hands!


Serving a similar function as the basket above, this BPA-free silicone version has the added bonus of folding up flat for easy storage so is a great choice for smaller spaces. It also cleans up more easily than metal since it’s naturally nonstick. It can be used with 6-quart and 8-quart Instant Pots.


The Instant Pot does come with a metal rack, but this BPA-free silicone version is far easier to clean since it’s nonstick. It elevates your food from the liquid in the pot, while the vented bottom promotes better airflow for even cooking and also allows any rendered fat to drain. Use with 6-quart and 8-quart Instant Pots. When not in use, it works as a heat-safe trivet too.


This healthy Instant Pot cookbook contains easy recipes for dishes you’ll love, all of which were developed specifically for a low-carb, high-protein keto diet. An Instant Pot is one of the best tools for a high-protein, low-carb lifestyle, cooking savory dishes like fall-off-the-bone red meats, quick chicken and fish and fresh vegetables in a fraction of the time it takes in an oven. 

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Make perfect soft- or hard-boiled eggs in your multicooker with this handy Instant Pot egg steamer rack. It holds nine eggs, making this steam tool ideal for healthy meal prep. Chop up some hard-boiled eggs for your salad or add a soft-boiled egg on top of avocado toast for an easy, healthy weekday breakfast. 


If you love Starbucks’ sous vide egg bites, you need these silicone Instant Pot egg molds that let you make your own at home. Packed with protein, they’re a meal prepper’s dream. Customize them with any additions you want, make a double batch on Sunday and grab them for healthy breakfasts and lunch all week long. This silicone mold set for two comes with lids, spoons and a steamer rack, but if you only want one, you can buy a single egg bite mold with lid by itself.

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Whip up some light, healthy meals in your Instant Pot with this great healthy multicooker cookbook, which includes 75 simple recipes all suited for the miracle machine. Each healthy Instant Pot recipe includes a gluten-free option and they are all free of refined sugars. The sweet and savory dishes range from an Instant Pot eggplant parmesan bake to flourless banana oat bread to one-pot chocolate cake and frosting — yum. 

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As if the Instant Pot wasn’t convenient enough, these stackable stainless steel Instant Pot inserts are for cooking multiple things at once, like a protein and sides. Each stainless steel inner pot can also serve as layer pans for cooking lasagna or cheesecake on cheat day, but we recommend them as one of the best Instant Pot accessories for anyone looking to save time and make more than one dish at a time in an Instant Pot. Try multiple proteins to keep meal prep interesting, easy and fast!

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You can make your own yogurt easily at home with this nifty Instant Pot yogurt maker accessory. We love that it’s easy to use and easy to clean. This is a perfect tool for anyone making yogurt or smoothies to power up in the morning. Try creating different flavors and varieties such as Greek yogurt. Incorporate unique add-ins to shake up your healthy breakfast routine. 

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