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Weight Loss Tips: 5 Tips To Include More Guava In Your Winter Diet – NDTV Food

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Crunchy and sweet guavas are back on local vegetable carts and we cannot be more excited. Freshly cut guavas with a pinch of rock salt makes for one of our most favourite winter snacks. In addition to being an absolute delight, guavas are also replete with health benefits. They have a low Glycemic index, which makes it ideal for diabetes patients. Plump with Vitamin C, guavas are incredible for your immunity. The lycopene present in the fruit helps nourish your skin. A 100 gm serving of the fruit contains just 68 calories and 8.92 gm sugar, according to the data of United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Guavas are also brimming with minerals like potassium, calcium, phosphorous and magnesium. The vitamin A content of the crunchy fruit also helps improve eyesight.

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In addition to being an absolute delight, guavas are also replete with health benefits.

Guavas are a storehouse of dietary fibres too. Eating fibre-rich fruits and vegetables may help boost weight loss. Since fibre takes a while to digest, it stays in the system for a while, inducing a feeling of fullness. Now, if you feel full, your chances of unhealthy bingeing slash eventually. This mindful eating helps prevent weight gain.

1. Guavas make for an excellent salad ingredient. You can experiment as much as you want, but if you are in a mood for something easy and quick, you can try this guava and cottage cheese salad recipe. An electric mix of rocket leaves, apples, guavas and paneer, this salad is ideal for your ‘meetha’ cravings on diet.

2. Thick and wholesome, guava smoothies are perfect for those untimely cravings. They’d fill you up with all things nutritious and nice. Don’t know how to make one? Here’s a recipe for you!

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3. Guava juice serves as a great mixing base for many cocktails and mocktails. Homemade fresh guava juice may also be a good addition to your diet. But it is recommended to eat the fruit as a whole, as juicing may cost you essential fibres. Do not opt for store-bought juice as it could be high in sugar content.

4. Do not toss away the seeds. Guava seeds can be chewed and swallowed with the fruit itself. These seeds are also loaded with fibre.

5. You can also use the fruit to make some fresh and homemade chutney. Pair it with your roti, bread, or use it as a sandwich spread or topping for your salad. You know you can do so much with just a dash of chutney.

How are you planning to load up on the fruit this season? Do let us know in the comments section below.



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