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Weight Loss Tips: Try THESE 7 techniques to shed last pounds of fat from your body – PINKVILLA

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Weight loss has always been one of the biggest concerns amongst people. From intense workout to diet control, this includes many touch things to burn those stubborn calories in the body. But after a certain time, when people are finally successful and have a healthy physique, then those last pounds of fat are there to bother.

It becomes impossible to budge them from the body. They need to be burnt as well. So, here’s what you can do to shed those last extra pounds from your body.

How to burn those last extra fats easily?

1.Trim more calories from the entire amount of your calorie consumption. Try to cut an additional 250 calories from your diet. This trimming should mostly be done from treats like sodas, refined sugar and not from healthy food items.

2. Add some more protein to your diet. They give you the feeling of satiety which is helpful to stay without food for a long time. Add proteins to each of your meal like low-fat yoghurt, low-fat cheese, eggs, beans, fish, lean meats, etc.

3. You don’t need to workout longer, rather make it harder; increase the intensity of it. While you are running or walking, increase the speed.

4. Lift weights to lose weight. The increased metabolic rate helps to burn more calories, which is easily possible with strength or resistance training.

5.Drink more water. Often, we think that we are hungry, but actually we are just thirsty. Water fills our stomach and supresses hunger.

6. Moving is the key for weight loss. So, just stand or move whenever you get a chance.

7. Try to change your diet routine. Have some new and different fruits and veggies and sign up for a different exercise class.

DISCLAIMER: Do all these things only after consulting your doctor or the dietician.

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