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Fauci: Despite election, science won't be politicized – PBS NewsHour

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Anthony Fauci:

In some places, Judy, that may be the case.

I mean, you have heard me say that the default position should be to try to keep the schools open or to get them open. But the thing that is important in this country is that, if you look at the green, the yellow and the red states, as the definitions that you know so well about percent positive, number of cases per 100,000, in the green areas, green state, city, county, you can open the school, I’m sure, with a degree of impunity, because the level of infection is so low.

When you get to the yellow states, you have got to realize that you have infection in your community. So, you have got to have the capability of protecting the children and the teachers by doing certain things.

And you leave it to the local authorities to figure out what that is best for them. But they are well spelled out in the CDC guidelines, using masks, windows open, outside, if you can, those kind of things.

I must say that, if you are in a red area, state, city or county, then you really better think carefully before you just jump into school. And so — and the people without don’t like my saying that should realize that the best way to get your school open is to get out of a red zone, into a yellow zone, into a green zone.

So, if you want your schools to open, get your community level down, down to a safe level.

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