Does Weight Lifting Help Women Lose Weight?

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Should you’re searching for to drop some kilos, you possibly can shock which form of train will biggest support you shed these kilos, and also you might need regarded into weightlifting for women.

This textual content explains whether or not or not weightlifting helps women drop some kilos, along with completely different helpful concepts.

Weightlifting — additionally known as resistance teaching — was as quickly as reserved for bodybuilders on account of delusion that lifting weights makes you look cumbersome.

Nonetheless, while you’ll be able to assemble muscle with weightlifting, becoming cumbersome is troublesome. As a approach to assemble substantial muscle mass, it is important to lift heavy weights and eat additional power than you burn — and even then, it might probably take months to years (1, 2).

Additional, women typically have lower ranges of anabolic — muscle-building — hormones paying homage to testosterone and progress hormone, which suggests it’s extra sturdy for them to understand muscle mass (3).

Components paying homage to genetics, weight reduction plan, and physique type, along with practice load, amount, and depth, moreover impact the velocity and extent to which you will assemble muscle (4).

Should you’re anxious that you just’ll swiftly bulk up from lifting weights, rest assured you gained’t.


It’s troublesome for many women to assemble substantial muscle mass ensuing from their low ranges of anabolic hormones like testosterone, which are needed for muscle synthesis. Thus, you don’t wish to fret about wanting cumbersome from lifting weights.

As a approach to drop some kilos and burn fat, it is important to be in a calorie deficit, which shall be achieved in three vital strategies:

  1. consuming fewer power per day than you need
  2. burning additional power by practice than you eat
  3. a combination of consuming fewer power and rising bodily train

Although lifting weights can burn power, it’s not in all probability probably the most setting pleasant methodology to take motion. Cardiorespiratory teaching, additionally known as cardio — which contains working, biking, and swimming — burns additional power per train session than weight teaching (5).

Nonetheless, weightlifting can help weight discount by setting up muscle mass. Merely put, muscle tissues are metabolically setting pleasant and help weight discount by burning additional power at rest. Thus, it’s typically biggest in order so as to add every weight teaching and cardio to your train routine (6, 7, 8).

Analysis moreover implies that your metabolic cost is elevated after weight teaching, which implies you’re nonetheless burning additional power hours after your train has ended. The fact is, analysis have confirmed that your metabolic cost can preserve elevated for as a lot as 72 hours after a train (9, 10).

While you drop some kilos, you’re not dropping pure fat — considerably, you’re dropping fat mass, glycogen outlets, and muscle. Weight teaching helps defend muscle mass all through weight discount, thus rising fat loss and sustaining your metabolism from altering an extreme quantity of (11, 12).

Though weight teaching will contribute to fat loss, you possibly can not see a giant change inside the amount on the dimensions, relying in your starting weight and targets. That’s on account of muscle is denser than fat, which implies it takes up a lot much less space in your physique pound for pound.

Due to this reality, as you lose fat and obtain muscle, you possibly can lose inches out of your waistline nonetheless see no change on the dimensions.

All in all, together with weight teaching to your train routine along with cardio practice and a nutritious food regimen is an effective approach to help weight discount.


Weight teaching can help weight discount by burning power all through and after workouts and by preserving muscle mass to cease your metabolism from slowing down.

Weight teaching provides fairly just a few completely different benefits together with weight discount.

You’ll appear leaner

Muscle is denser than fat, which implies it takes up a lot much less space in your physique. Due to this reality, as you assemble muscle and lose fat, you will naturally appear leaner and smaller.

What’s additional, having stronger and larger muscle tissues will give your physique additional definition. Opposite to in fashion notion, you probably can’t tone your muscle tissues, nonetheless setting up muscle tissues and dropping fat showcases muscle definition, making a stronger, leaner look.

You’ll be stronger

A severe benefit of weight teaching is that you just’ll get stronger.

Gaining power makes every day actions like carrying groceries and collaborating in alongside together with your kids easier. Plus, it lowers your hazard of falls and accidents since you’re greater able to help your physique (13, 14).

Weight teaching will be important for bone enchancment on account of it locations short-term stress in your bones, which indicators to your physique to rebuild them stronger. This might reduce your hazard of osteoporosis and fractures, significantly as you age (15, 16, 17, 18).

Decrease hazard of continuous sickness

Weight teaching can reduce your hazard of continuous sicknesses paying homage to type 2 diabetes, coronary coronary heart sickness, and age-related conditions like sarcopenia, which is the gradual lack of muscle mass and power related to ageing (19, 20).

Including every resistance teaching and cardio to your train routine might improve your nicely being way more. Each sorts of practice current many benefits, along with improved coronary coronary heart nicely being and can improve in lung functionality, metabolism, blood transfer, and muscle mass (19, 20).


Advantages of weight teaching embody stronger muscle tissues and bones, lowered hazard of continuous sicknesses paying homage to type 2 diabetes and coronary coronary heart sickness, and a leaner look.

Earlier than starting a model new train routine, it’s biggest to speak alongside together with your healthcare provider to make sure the plan is protected and greatest for you. After getting clearance to coach, there are many easy strategies in order so as to add it to your life.

Most specialists advocate 3–5 weight teaching durations per week along with days allotted for cardio and rest. The number of durations depends on elements paying homage to teaching amount, depth, restoration days needed, and your schedule.

Theoretically, you probably can weight put together every day nonetheless should allow 48 hours of restoration per muscle group. For occasion, in the event you occur to organize your once more and shoulders on Monday, it’s biggest to attend until Wednesday or Thursday sooner than teaching them as soon as extra.

Extra practice isn’t on a regular basis greater. The normal of your workouts is additional very important than the quantity. Should you’ll be able to slot in solely 2–3 teaching durations per week, you probably can nonetheless receive outcomes — merely focus on good type and guarantee your workouts downside you.

Right right here’s an occasion of a 1-week practice routine:

  • Monday: greater physique teaching (arms, shoulders, once more)
  • Tuesday: full of life restoration day, along with cardio (strolling, working, biking, swimming)
  • Wednesday: lower physique teaching (glutes, quads, hamstrings)
  • Thursday: full of life restoration, along with cardio (strolling, working, biking, swimming) and a core train
  • Friday: non-compulsory teaching day (lower physique or greater physique teaching)
  • Saturday: full-body extreme depth interval teaching (HIIT)
  • Sunday: rest day with light stretching or a lightweight train (like yoga or Pilates)

You might as nicely combine workouts in the event you occur to can’t practice this often. For occasion, combine greater physique teaching with HIIT and reduce physique teaching with a core train.

Relying on the depth of your workouts, you possibly can need additional rest days. Should you’re very sore inside the days following your weight teaching, ponder together with some light stretching or yoga to your routine.

Whereas it might actually really feel good to lie on the couch when you’re sore, try to stand up and switch a bit. It will allow your muscle tissues to rest whereas encouraging blood transfer and full of life restoration.

In the tip, the best approach to preserve your self protected and stay away from injury is to take heed to and respect your physique and know your limits.

Keep in thoughts that the best practice is a form you’ll be able to preserve long term. Should you uncover a train routine that matches into your manner of life and schedule, you’ll be additional vulnerable to stick with it, have the benefit of it, and get the outcomes you’re looking out for.

If you need additional steering, ponder working with a bodily coach, who can current personalized solutions that may help you attain your distinctive targets.


Attempt to include 3–5 weight teaching durations per week into your train routine along with cardio and rest days.

Whereas weightlifting can help weight discount, paying attention to your vitamin is one different very important concern. Weightlifting burns power, nonetheless you’ll must pair it with a suitable weight reduction plan to realize noticeable weight discount (5).

You’ll be capable to attain a calorie deficit by exercising ceaselessly and consuming barely fewer power. Analysis has persistently found this to be an environment friendly, sustainable method for weight discount (21, 22).

What’s additional, in the event you occur to’re searching for to assemble muscle and power, it’s very important to refuel your physique with ample protein, carbohydrates, and healthful fats (23).

Although it depends in your targets, your physique measurement, and completely different elements, most people should function to get 20–40 grams of protein per meal or spherical 0.6–0.9 grams per pound (1.4–2.0 grams per kg) of physique weight per day to maintain muscle all through weight discount (24, 25, 26, 27).

As nicely as, be certain that to include meals containing healthful fats and complex carbs in your weight reduction plan to appropriately fuel your workouts and restoration. These meals are vulnerable to be extreme in useful nutritional vitamins, they often might assist maintain you feeling full longer (28).


Pairing weightlifting with a nutritious weight reduction plan will help weight discount targets. Intention for 20–40 grams of protein per meal or 0.6–0.9 grams per pound (1.4–2.0 grams per kilogram) of physique weight per day, along with a weight reduction plan rich in difficult carbs and healthful fats.

Weightlifting is beneficial for women at any age and will not make you cumbersome. Quite, it might probably help create a lean, stronger look.

It helps you assemble power and muscle and reduces your hazard of continuous sicknesses, and it might probably promote weight discount.

A train routine that options weight teaching days specializing in diverse muscle groups, along with cardio and a nutritious weight reduction plan with ample protein, will help your weight discount efforts.

Whereas most specialists advocate aiming for 3–5 weight teaching durations per week, incorporating any weight teaching into your practice routine could be useful.

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